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How can I shut off the Time Clock so my employees can't use it?
How can I shut off the Time Clock so my employees can't use it?

Frequently Asked Time Clock Questions

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If you don't need to track the time employees spend on a Shift or Job, then you may decide not to use the Time clock, and instead use the Check-in & Complete statuses in the Job schedule. 

If you have an active Time clock in the account that you no longer want employees to use, you can either Delete or Archive it. Just click on More when inside the Time clock and select either archive or delete:

If you don't want to remove the Time clock for employees, rather only have them submit their hours in the timesheet (as opposed to clocking in when the shift starts & clocking out when the shift ends), you can do so in the Clock in & out tab of the Time clock settings:

Since I toggled off these 2 settings in the screenshot above, employees will not be able to clock in via the mobile app, via computer, or via the Kiosk app. They will only be able to submit timesheet requests with their clock in/out times or request to edit their current timesheet records.

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