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How Admins Can Clock In on Behalf of Their Employees
How Admins Can Clock In on Behalf of Their Employees
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It is very easy for admins to clock in on behalf of their employees with a few easy steps. Take a look at the instructions below to learn how:

  1. Access the Time Clock feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on Access Clock

  3. Go into the Timesheets tab

  4. Find the relevant user and click on their timesheet to access it

  5. Navigate to the relevant day you wish to clock them in for. On the Start column, simply add their clock in time and hit Enter on your keyboard or click anywhere on the screen.

    Reminder: you can also adjust the job if you need to, add a clock-out time by adding a time on the End column, and write a Manager Note, and the shift attachment information (if you have any existing shift attachments).

  6. All done - they are now clocked in!

Keep in mind that when you, as the admin, add a clock-in time in the Start column, the employee will not see their time clock as active. They will not see themselves as clocked in unless they access their timesheets and view the time you manually added. Therefore, the user will not be able to clock out from their end, and you will need to clock them out manually. To do this, simply add a time to the End column.

Here are some additional resources:

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