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Can I Change the Accept/Reject Shift Statuses?
Can I Change the Accept/Reject Shift Statuses?

Accept or Reject Shifts on Behalf of Your Users

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Yes, you can change or update a shift's status, on behalf of a user. This is a simple process within the dashboard access of the Job Scheduler, allowing you the freedom to adjust this information as needed. This allows you to accept or reject shifts on behalf of your employees.

To update a shift's status, first, navigate to your Job Scheduler and find the shift in question. If you hover over the shift, you can see the shift's current status

Upon clicking into the shift, click 'Shift Activity' on the right side of the window. Then, select the drop-down menu which allows you to choose a new status. Then click 'Save Status' to save your adjustment.

Please note that if you do not have the 'Confirmed' or 'Rejected' status, this means that the ability for users to Confirm or Reject a shift is not enabled in your Job Scheduler's settings. You can adjust this by navigating to the Job Schedule's settings and placing a check mark to 'Add a reject button' and/or 'Add a confirmation button' and then clicking 'Save Changes' in the bottom right of the screen. Alternatively, the statuses can be 'Checked In' or 'Completed', which is used if the Job Schedule and Time Clock are not synced.

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