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Categorize users into different groups to schedule more efficiently

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The Job Scheduler makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team. Enhance overall efficiency by working with the 'Group by' view. This option allows you to focus on the relevant group at a time. It provides a more focused and efficient dispatching process by enabling the grouping of schedules by location, department, role, or any other custom selection.

In this article, we'll go over:

Using the 'Group by' view

First, click on View Options and make sure you are on the 'Users' view of the Job Scheduler. Then, click on Group by and select Custom Groups.

If this is the first time you are changing to the 'Group by' view, you will be prompted to review and add new groups. Rename the existing groups by hovering over the name and clicking on the pencil icon, or click Add group to add a new group. Click Confirm to save changes.

Adding users to groups

To add users to a group, go to the desired group and click Add user to group. Mark the users that you want to add and click out of the box to save them. Keep in mind, each user can be placed in only one group. Users that don't belong to any groups will automatically appear in the 'Ungrouped users' section.

Another option to move users is to hover over the name of the user, click the three dots, and choose Move to group. Then, choose which group to move them to.

💡 Tip: Want to make the process of adding users to groups faster? Filter the schedule to only view users who meet specific criteria and quickly assign them all by marking 'Select all'.

For example, I want to add everyone in the Bartenders smart group to the Bartenders custom group. To do so, I chose to filter users for 'Group + Is + Bartenders'. This narrowed down the list of users only to users in the Bartenders smart group, and then I added them all at once by marking 'Select all'.

Editing groups

To make changes to groups, click on the Settings icon.

  • To delete groups, click on the trash can icon.

  • To rename groups, hover over the group name and click on the pencil icon.

  • To reorder the groups in the schedule, hover over the group name and drop and drop the groups in the desired order.

💡 Tip: Collapse groups to work with a cleaner view and focus on scheduling for one group at a time.

*The Group By view is available from the Operations Advanced Plan*

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