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Who can edit the Job Scheduler?

Job Scheduler FAQs

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In short, only admins (managment) with permission to the Job Scheduler can edit their employees' schedules.

In the Job Scheduler, as in most assets, you have the option to add admins to the specific asset. Once added to an asset, admins can edit the schedule - only for their employees. To ensure an admin can edit a schedule they need to be admins of the specific schedule and admins of their employees' smart group. This helps to create segmentation within the organization and ensures only qualified admins make changes to the job schedule.

To demonstrate this, let's say I have a new manager for my New York Restaurant named David who needs to be able to edit his team's schedule.

Admin Permissions for the Job Scheduler

To make sure an admin can edit a schedule, first give them admin permissions to the schedule.

To add an admin to a specific schedule access the Job Schedule Lobby from your sidebar and access the relevant schedule. From there click on the admin icons near the top of the page and add the relevant admins. Now David will be able to see the NY Restaurant schedule from his admin dashboard.

Admin Permissions for Smart Groups

To make sure an admin can view relevant employees within the schedule, make sure they are administrating a smart group that contains those relevant employees.

To add an admin as an administrator of a smart group, first access the Smart Groups lobby from your sidebar and click on the relevant smart group. From there, click on the admin icons near the top of the page and add the relevant admin. Now that I have given David admin permissions to the NY Restaurant schedule and the NY employees' smart group, he'll be able to edit the New York schedule for anyone who's in the New York smart group.

In the video below you can see I have granted David admin permissions to the 'NY Employees' group but not to the 'NY Admins' group. This means now David will be able to schedule only his employees and not other admins from that location.

💡 Pro Tip: I have someone who's not a manager/admin but they need to only be able to edit the schedule, so what should I do? You can promote them to an admin but give them very limited admin permissions - restricted only to the smart group they need to see and the schedule they need to edit.

To learn more about admin permissions take a look at this article.

**The Smart Groups capability is available from any Hub's Advanced Plan **

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