The Job schedule makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team and to make sure they have all the information they need regarding their shifts. Here is an example of how to create a Job Schedule for a Retail store. The principles that are shown below are an example and can be applied to any business.

Before you create your schedule on the dashboard, it is highly recommended to:

  1. Map the positions/jobs you need per day for your store to function. In our example, we will use a cashier, shift manager, storage, and salesperson.

  2. Map the number of employees you need in each position daily.

  3. Map the number of shifts you have per day. In our example, we will use the Morning and Evening shifts.

How to add new jobs

Now that you have mapped out all the relevant information for you, let's get down to business.

  1. First, add a new schedule, check out this guide on how to add a new Job Scheduler.

  2. Add the jobs that should be included in this Job Schedule, For example, one of the jobs our retail store will need is a cashier job. Click on the Jobs button > add a job.

Give this Job a title, and qualify all the relevant users to this Job, In our case, we will qualify the “cashiers” smart group which contains all the cashiers in our business.

GIF of qualifying users to job in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

How to create shifts

After creating all the Jobs you need for running your business, let's start creating shifts! Let's take a look at the weekly view on our Job Scheduler, you can see a list of all your users, and on the top a row of “shift without users”, on this row you can create general shifts and assign them to users, later on. Position yourself on the shift without the users row and click the plus icon to create a shift and save the shift as a draft.

GIF of creating a shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Now that you have created a draft shift you can drag and drop it to the user on any day, you can also duplicate the shift multiple times.

GIF of drag and dropping a draft shift in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Note that shifts with a white background are unpublished shifts, meaning users will not see the shift on their schedule until you have published the shift. In order to publish a shift, click on the three dots on the top of the shift and click "publish", or publish all shifts at once by clicking the “publish” button on the top right. Once you have published the shift you will see that the background of the shift will now be colored meaning the shift is published and mobile users can see them in the app.

GIF of publishing shifts in Connecteam's Job Scheduler admin dashboard

Still, have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!

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