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What Happens If an Employee Needs to Work on a Day That I Did Not Mark as a Working Day?
What Happens If an Employee Needs to Work on a Day That I Did Not Mark as a Working Day?
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This depends on whether or not you have activated the Time Clock Limitations.

Under this tab, within the Time Clock settings, you have two ways of limiting how your employees will track their time: (1) based on their scheduled shifts and/or (2) based on custom daily limits you set.

To understand how these limitations affect the process, we'll walk through two situations: with limitations enabled (active) and with all limitations disabled (inactive). This will help you understand how to proceed in either case.

How to Proceed When All Limitations Are Disabled

In this case, since none of the limitations listed above are active, users can clock in and out freely and per usual by following these steps:

  1. Access your company's mobile app. Click here to learn how.

  2. Select the Time Clock feature and choose the time clock you need.

  3. Press on Start Shift

  4. Then choose the job you need to clock into

  5. Done! You are now clocked in.

How to Proceed When Limitations Are Enabled

In the case, where your limitations are activated, your users will only be able to clock in/out the way they usually do (as shown in the previous instructions) if they comply with the limitations settings you select. 

  • If you enable any option within the first category of limitations, they will only be able to clock in if and when they have a scheduled shift. 

  • If you enable any option within the second category of limitations, they will only be able to clock in at the custom daily times you have set. 

If you still would like for your users to occasionally clock in and out when they are outside their working hours (scheduled shifts) or custom daily limits, there are two options.

Option 1: Users Can Send a Shift Request

  1. As you have done until now, access your company's app, select the Time Clock feature, and enter the relevant time clock.

  2. Press on My Requests

  3. Select Add a new request and then add a shift request.

  4. Select the job, date, and relevant times.

  5. Press on Add or Send for approval (depending on what your manager sets).

💡Pro Tip: If you wish to have control over the approval of the requests sent by your users, go into the Time Clock (from desktop) » Access Clock » Click on the Settings » Customize tab » and hover down to the section Decide which user actions require admin's approval and make sure to toggle on the option "When users add shifts/breaks manually" » then click on Save Changes

Option 2: Admins Can Manually Add a Shift on Their Behalf

  1. Go into the Time Clock feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on Access Clock

  3. Go into the Timesheets tab

  4. Find the user you wish to add a shift for and click on their timesheet to access it

  5. Direct yourself to the specific day you need and, on the Start column simply add the time they began their shift and, on the End column, add the time it ended.

  6. Adjust the job (if needed)

  7. That's it, you have successfully added a shift on behalf of your user!

*The Limitations capability is only available from the Expert plan under the Operations hub

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