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Creating a Custom Badge

Create custom badges to celebrate your employee's achievements, anniversaries and milestones

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Recognizing your employees' hard work, loyalty, efforts, and achievements is essential to ensure they feel appreciated and valued within your team and company. Each company has different priorities and may wish to recognize various accomplishments, which is why the ability to create custom badges is crucial. This ensures that recognitions are personalized to your business's specific needs.

If you are not yet familiar with the Recognitions feature, we encourage you to read our Starting Guide to Recognitions article!

This article will cover:

What is a Badge?

A badge is a symbolic recognition given to an employee to acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and achievements. These badges can be customized to represent different accomplishments, behaviors, or milestones within the company. In our Badges Library, you can access and explore the ones we offer, ranging from topics like milestones, anniversaries, sales, and many more.

How to Create a Custom Badge?

To create a custom badge:

  1. Access the Recognitions feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on the Badges Library button and then on Create Badge from the top right corner

  3. A new modal will open where you can customize your new badge by:

    1. Selecting an icon from the extensive list provided

    2. Writing the badge title

    3. Assigning this badge to a topic

  4. Once you personalized it to your needs, click on Create Badge

💡Tip: you can also create a badge quickly while sending recognition to an employee, as illustrated below.

This is how they will look from the employee's end once you send them the recognitions with your new custom badges:

*The ability to create custom badges is available from the Basic plan under the HR hub and above*

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