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Using shift templates is a great way to save time and energy while working with the Job Scheduler. When the same shifts repeat themselves day after day, week after week, or when you need to tweak only one detail of a shift that's otherwise the same, you can recreate them and easily input the information you need.

Shift templates contain the same information published and draft shifts do. You can decide if it's an all-day or partial shift, the start/end time, time zone, title, assigned job, color code, location, and much more!

In this article we'll go over:

When to Use Shift Templates

  • When working daily or weekly shifts

  • When you need an additional layer of saved information that's not related to a job (i.e. a customer, a project, a work type, etc.)

  • When you have jobs that may have different hours than the default shift hours

  • Tasks or jobs are usually the same (i.e. cleaning, driving, installation, etc.), but the jobs are already used for clients' information

How to Create a Shift Template

You have a few different ways to create a shift template:

  1. Open the Shift Templates tab on the right side of your screen. Click on 'Add Template' at the bottom of the tab. Fill in the relevant details and click on 'Save as template'.

  2. Navigate to any date on the Job Scheduler, click the + button, add the shift details, and click 'Save as template'. This option automatically adds the chosen date to the shift template.

  3. Navigate to an existing shift and click 'Save as template'. The existing shift can be a draft shift, a published shift, or a past or future shift.

How to Create a Shift Using a Template

There are three ways to create a shift using a template:

  1. Open the Shift Templates tab and simply drag and drop shifts to the desired slot on your schedule.

  2. On any slot, click on the + button and choose a template from the Templates tab.

  3. Click on 'Add shifts' and choose 'Add from templates'.

How to Edit, Delete, or Duplicate a Shift Template

Open the Shift Templates tab, hover with your mouse on a shift, and click on the 3 dots icon to edit, delete, or duplicate a template.

Additional Resources

*Shift templates are available on the Advanced Operations Hub plan and above.*

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