Save shifts as templates to schedule quickly and easily! 

Examples for using shift templates:

  • When working with daily or weekly shifts

  • When you need an additional layer of saved information that's not related to a job (i.e. a customer, a project, a work type, etc.)

  • When you have jobs that may have different hours than the default shift hours

  • Tasks or jobs are usually the same (i.e. cleaning, driving, installation, etc.), but the jobs are already used for clients information

What can be included in a shift template?

  • Start and end time

  • Time zone

  • Shift title

  • Job

  • Color 

  • Enable users to claim shift (set as and open shift)

  • Location

  • Shift notes

  • Attached files

What can't be included in a shift template and why?

  • Selected users - your weekly schedule is composed of dates of the week (X axis) and assigned users (Y axis). The shift template contains everything else as listed above, so all that's left to do is choose a user and the day of the week

  • Set as a repetitive shift - if the shift repeats itself, it doesn't make sense to be used as a template. But, you can drag and drop the template to a desired location in your schedule, and then edit the shift and set it as repetitive

How to create a new shift template?

There are two ways to create a new shift template:

  • Open the shift templates side window, and click on the "add template" button at the bottom

  • Click on any slot, click on the + button, add the shift details and save it as a template

  • You can also perform the same action for an existing shift and save it as a template. The existing shift can be a draft, a published shift, a past or future shift

How to choose from my existing templates?

There are two ways to create a new shift template:

  • Open the shift templates side window, and simply drag and drop shifts to desired slot in your schedule

  • On any schedule slot, click on the + button and choose a template from the templates tab 

  • Click on the "Add shifts" button and choose "add from templates"

How to edit or delete an existing shift template?

Open the shift templates side window, hover with your mouse on a shift, and click on the 3 dots icon to edit or delete the template

Shift templates are available on the Advanced plan and above

Learn more about the Advanced plan here, send us a chat message or email us!

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