The job scheduling makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team and make sure they have all the information they need regarding their shift right in their mobile apps such as the shift’s location, special instructions, and attached files.

A First Glance

The schedule is designed as a calendar board, with a daily view, weekly view, and monthly view.

In the weekly view, for example, you will see the schedule’s assigned users from top to bottom and the days of the week from left to right.

Organize Your Schedule by Jobs

A Job corresponds to a job in your business, like a customer or worksite, or the different roles your employees should be scheduled for. Each job is represented by a different color.

A recommended basic step when getting started would be to set up the types of jobs that you’d like to organize your schedule by. To do so, click on the “Jobs” button in the upper-right corner to set up your jobs.

After setting up your jobs, you will be able to view your schedule by the different jobs you created, ensuring all jobs are staffed and there aren’t any gaps.

The various methods to create shifts and dispatch jobs

Connecteam’s schedule includes various ways to create new shifts, so you can find the easiest way for you according to your schedule.

  • Adding a single shift
    To create a single shift, you can either click on the “Add shifts” button and choose “Add single shift” or hover your cursor above the employee row on a relevant day and click on the + button.

Then, the shift editor would open for you to insert the shift’s details.

Notice that every time you create a new shift, you can publish it instantly or create it as a draft to publish later, once your schedule is ready.

  • Adding multiple shifts
    You can create multiple shifts at once, by just clicking on the “Add shifts” button and choosing “Add multiple shifts”.

  • Import shifts from Excel
    If you’d like to write down your shifts in an Excel file and import them, that’s also an option! Click here to see how.

Shifts without users

You can always create a shift and assign it to employees later. Until you assign that shift, it will be recognized as a “shift without users” and would be located at the top of the schedule board:

When you’d like to assign that shift to your users, you can either drag it to a specific user or click on the shift to edit its assigned users.

If you’d like to create a shift with spots for your users to claim, you can do that within the shift editor by choosing “Enable users to claim this shift” and that shift would appear as a shift without users with the number of open spots until all spots are claimed by your users.

Cool Shortcuts and tricks

Connecteam’s schedule includes multiple quick actions that will save you a lot of time & effort when creating your schedule.

For example, you can create shift temples that you just drag and drop from your templates folder into the schedule. You can create a template for a specific job, time frame, and of course, a mix of those (e.g. Kitchen Morning Shift).

Another awesome time-saver is creating a weekly template that you could load into an empty week with one click.
Read how to create weekly templates in your schedule here.

There are more cool shortcuts and tricks to save your time and effort.

Discover all of them right here.

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