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Reward Settings: Admin Permissions
Reward Settings: Admin Permissions

Set limitations on how your admins use the reward features

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The rewards feature a great way to incentivize and motivate workers, and to show appreciation to your team in the form of tokens which can be used to purchase gift cards.

Here at Connecteam we understand how careful you need to be when using a feature that involves spending company money. We also understand that although only some admins should be granted that capability. For that reason, our Rewards settings are equipped with Admin Permissions allowing you to decide exactly who can do what.

This article will go over

Now let's get started!

Navigating to the Rewards Settings

To get to the rewards setting you will navigate to the rewards feature on the left side bar, go to the options tab, and select settings.

Admin Permissions

Now that you have navigated to the admin permissions lets go over the permissions which exist. There are three permissions which admins can have purchase and send, purchase only, or send only.

Below we will go over each one:

  • Purchase and Send - this allows Admins to both purchase tokens and send them. Please note that all owners are automatically set with this capability.

  • Purchase - This allows admins to only purchase tokens, but not to send them. This can be great if you want to task one admin with the responsibility of purchasing more tokens on behalf of the company, or if you have an admin who tends to reward too many tokens!

  • Send - This option only allows admins to send tokens, but not purchase them. This is a great option if you only want owners to have the ability to purchase tokens, but want admins or direct managers to be the person rewarding tokens.

How to set the Admin Permissions

Now that we have gone over the different types of permissions which exist. Let's go over how to set an admin permissions.

Follow these steps below to set up the admin permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Options Tab and Select Settings

  2. Press the blue + Add button to add admin permissions

  3. Select the Admin

  4. Select the permission you would like to award

  5. Press Confirm


In this article we went over why setting permissions in your rewards feature is important. We looked where to find these settings, and the settings that exist; Purchase and Send, and Purchase, or Send only, and finally we went over how to set these Admin Permissions.

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