Our powerful Job Scheduler makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team and make sure they have all the information they need regarding their shift right in their mobile app.

Furthermore, our Job Scheduler lets you customize and export your schedule so you could use it on Excel or even just printing it and sending it to your colleagues and management!

In this article we will cover:

How to export your schedule

In order to export your schedule, simply access your Job Scheduler and click on Actions > Export week

The Excel file will contain the following information:

  1. Date of the shift

  2. Start and end time of the shift

  3. Job - if relevant

  4. Location - if you have added a location to the shift

  5. Notes - if you have added notes to the shift

  6. User assigned to the shift

  7. Check-in/complete-time - if relevant

  8. Check-in/complete GPS location - if relevant

Pro tip: want to export the schedule for the day or for the entire month? Simply switch the view of the schedule accordingly to timeframe you wish to export and follow the same steps.

Here's an example of how your exported schedule would look like

How to print your schedule

While exporting your schedule exports an Excel file, printing your schedule will export a PDF file.

To print the schedule as PDF, simply click on Actions > Print week.

Here's an example of how your printed schedule would look like

Please note that printing the schedule is available on the weekly view of the Job Scheduler, so be sure to switch views accordingly!

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