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Can I Edit a Shift That's Been Submitted for Approval?
Can I Edit a Shift That's Been Submitted for Approval?

Learn what to do if you need to change the details of a shift submitted by one of your employees

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Connecteam allows users to manually create the details of a shift, such as the date, time, and job worked, and submit it to an admin for approval, after which it is added to their timesheet. However, sometimes an employee or admin may see that there is some detail of the shift that needs to be edited after the submission for approval has already been made. Let's go over what to do in cases like these!

I am an employee and I have already submitted a shift on my Time Clock for approval by an admin, but now I need to change its details. What should I do?

Once you have submitted a shift, it's not possible to edit or cancel that request. You'll be able to see a history of your shift requests, including pending requests, under the "View my requests" tab in the Time Clock, but, these can not be edited

If you need the shift to be changed in some way and have already submitted it for approval, consider messaging an admin on your time clock about the issue. From there, they can either choose to approve the request and then edit it on their side, or reject the request and let you submit a new one with the necessary changes.

I am an admin and want to edit a shift that's been submitted for approval by my employee. Can I do this?

No, it is not possible to edit a shift's details before it is approved. When reviewing a shift request, you are given two options, to approve or reject the request:

If you decide to approve the request, you can then edit the shift within the user's timesheet with any necessary changes needed.

If you decide to reject the request, you can do so with a note indicating the changes you want made to the request so the user can resubmit it correctly:

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