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How Do I Build My Dashboard?

Learn how to build your dashboard and customize it in no time

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At Connecteam, our mission is for you to be able to manage your workforce all from one platform. Our dashboard brings this mission to life! As an admin, you are able to control all things necessary for your day-to-day.

In this article, we're going to learn about how to customize the dashboard to fit your needs and how to utilize the dashboard and adapt it to your current daily operations.

Now let's dive in and start learning about the dashboard. In this article, we will go over:

How to Build Your Dashboard

In order to get things up and running, we first recommend following our walkthrough which will help with your initial set-up.

Screenshot of Connecteam walkthrough

After completing our walkthrough you'll get a ready-made to-do list that appears on your dashboard. It will ensure that your platform is ready to use and effective. When following this, you'll be fully operational in no time!

Screenshot of steps in Connecteam

Pro Tip: Upon completion of training videos, you'll be able to claim credits (up to $35). Did somebody say credits for free? Count me in!

Here's a screenshot showing exactly where you can claim free credits:

Screenshot of how to claim credits on Connecteam

The Sidebar: Customization At Its Finest

Now that we've covered the Overview page, let's cover the Sidebar. As an admin, you're able to customize the feature's icon, move features, and even add new ones!

Add new feature categories to the sidebar by clicking on Add New at the bottom of each section. You can have more than one category for Forms, Knowledge Base, Courses, and Quizzes. This is useful in case you want to separate HR Forms from Management Forms, for example.

To move the features around on the sidebar, hover with your mouse on the left side of the feature name. Click on the grid icon and drag to move the feature.

To customize a feature's name, color, and icon, simply hover over the feature and click on the three dots. Click on Edit and you'll see a window appear with the options to change the name, color, and icon.

To delete a feature from the sidebar, hover over the feature, click on the three dots, and click Delete. Keep in mind, deleting a form from the sidebar will delete it from the platform entirely!

Screenshot of customization options in Connecteam

Here's a video to show how to achieve these invigorating customization techniques:

GIF of customizing features on Connecteam

Please note: Any changes made to the sidebar affect all admins and users on the platform.

A Quick Glance at the User Dashboard

On the User dashboard, users will be able to access their company feed on their personal computers. The user dashboard is also helpful for admins that typically use their computers but need to complete user activities such as clocking in or filling out a form.

To switch from the admin dashboard to the user dashboard, go to the top right corner of the screen where your name is. Click on your name, and on the drop-down menu choose Switch to user's view.

Here's a screenshot of how it looks:

Screenshot of switching to user's view on Connecteam

Your admin (and user) dashboard is an integral part of your business, and we're here to make sure you can optimize the platform to fit your needs!

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