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Should I Publish Content to a Smart Group or Specific Users?
Should I Publish Content to a Smart Group or Specific Users?

Known when to use smart groups.

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When publishing content to smart groups it is important to understand that any present and future users added to the group will be able to see the content. When publishing content to specific users the content can only be viewed by those users assigned to it.

We recommend publishing to selected users in cases where the content is relevant for now (for example, holiday greetings). We don't want new employees who will be added to a smart group to see content from the past such as older holiday greetings or changes in parking for the next 2 days, etc.

Another example of publishing only to specific users is when they don’t match a specific smart group. For example – content is relevant to only specific employees from multiple groups, or there are 3 employees who are working on a temporary project and are not in a certain smart group,

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