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Calendar App Sync FAQs For Managers

Your top questions on Syncing with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, etc.

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Your employees and maybe even you yourself have been syncing your connecteam schedule to your personal calendar app. Thats great. Since keeping the schedule accurate is crucial for any business we've decided to write the following article which outlines some of the limitations of the calender sync as well as ways to help you as managers deal with your employee's questions in regard to this feature.

What gets synced from Connecteam to the Calendar App?

Only published shifts assigned to the user are synced from Connecteam to the Calendar app. Keep in mind this means they will not see open shifts in their personal calendar as they are not published to the user until they have been claimed by the employee.

I can see that my recurring shifts dont appear as recurring on the synced is that correct?

Yes, that is correct, while all the published shifts appear on the schedule there is no indication as to whether or not the shift is recurring. This however can always be seen in the connecteam app however.

I can see that shift tasks, notes, and attachments aren't appearing on the calendar sync why?

In order to ensure that we keep your accounts as secure and private as possible we do not sync certain information such as shift tasks, notes, and attachments. At the moment we do not sync these because notes and attachments may contain company-specific or sensitive information. It is important to us that your company/client-related information remains secure and private.

What happens if I edit a group shift - specifically if I remove an employee from one of the shifts?

If you edit a group shift - it will only update for the employee who is removed from the shift. Meaning for example I have a shift with 3 employees; Tom, Jack, and Mary, and I remove Jack. This shift will no longer appear on Jack's schedule BUT for Tom and Mary, it will appear that Jack is still assigned to the shift. To fix this you will need to make two separate edits to the shift. In the first edit, you will remove the users (in this case Jack) and publish the shift. In the second edit, you will either renter the job, the title, or the time of the shift and publish it again. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours for these changes to appear on the synced calendar.

What happens if I change the default shift length in my Connecteam schedules week and time settings? How does this affect the shifts and the sync?

Only shifts created after and published after changing the shift length settings will appear in teh calendar sync with the new shift length settings. All shifts published prior to changing the settings will not update according to synced calendar sync. To fix the shifts already published - you will need to manually edit them, by toggling off the all-day tab and republishing the shifts. After doing this, the sync will update accordingly - keep in mind it can take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours for these changes to appear on the synced calendar.

Is it possible for my employees to work only with the calendar sync and not the app? Is that recommended?

While your employees will benefit from syncing their calendars it is not recommended that they work only with it. As mentioned previously there are shift details that do not sync with calendar apps and therefore it is important for users to also log in and check their schedule in connecteam.

If an employee rejects a shift in Connecteam, will it be rejected in Google Calendar too via the existing integration?

The integration with Google Calendar is only a view of your planned shifts in your schedule so the behavior will always be similar to the Connecteam platform. With our current Google Calendar Integration, the rejected shift in Connecteam won't be rejected in the Google Calendar. This is because rejecting a shift never removes the shift from the employee's schedule in Connecteam it only indicates to the admin that the employee has an issue with a shift assigned to them. Only when teh admin decides to remove the shift from the employee's schedule or when the employee unclaims a shift (if it's an open shift) will it be removed from the Google Calendar.

To learn about accepting and rejecting shifts click here

My employees are having difficulty with the sync how can I help them?

As a general rule of thumb if your employees are having difficulty with the calendar sync the first thing to try is to unsync and resync the schedule. They can do so by following the calendar sync guide here. If after trying they still experience issues they should reach out to Connecteam's support team who will be happy to assist them.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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