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Benefits of Using Connecteam's Chat vs. Whatsapp or Facebook
Benefits of Using Connecteam's Chat vs. Whatsapp or Facebook
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In recent years, WhatsApp has become a popular choice for many organizations worldwide as their primary internal communication tool due to its user-friendliness, widespread adoption, cost-effectiveness, and overall convenience. However, concerns have arisen among managers and employees regarding its suitability for organizational use, including issues such as information overload and occasional technical glitches. Additionally, WhatsApp's announcement of new privacy changes in February 2021, which mandate data sharing with Facebook, has led many of its 2 billion users, particularly those relying on it for business communication, to seek safer alternatives.

The new WhatsApp policy changes, which require users to share their data with Facebook, have sparked controversy. While WhatsApp had already faced criticism for its limited privacy settings, these changes are seen as a significant step towards using user data for business purposes and enabling communication between businesses and users at a cost to businesses. Combined with the disclosure of vulnerabilities in 2021, these developments have raised questions and concerns about WhatsApp's data handling practices and privacy protections.

Nowadays, many businesses are shifting to mobile-first communication with dedicated, communication apps. This allows organizations to boost productivity, lift engagement, build collaboration, reduce misunderstandings, and more. A mobile-first communication app offers managers and employees a direct, immediate communication channel to help improve employee communication by making it easier to find the latest company news and materials needed.

This is where Connecteam’s Chat steps in. Introducing your new way to create an efficient communication center with your employees!

Connecteam’s Chat marks all the boxes and introduces more advantages than Whatsapp will ever know. Let’s walk through some of them.

Manage work contacts - All of your contacts are already stored in the app, so no need to add them manually to your private contacts list first.

Learn more about the Directory.

Group management - Naturally, new employees join the organization, change positions, or quit. By using Smart Groups or by adding select users - you can easily manage your groups and place admin control over them to monitor communication channels.

Learn more about Smart Groups.

Data Security - Data security can badly damage organizations and even cause a complete breakdown, which makes it one of the most crucial issues in the company. You don’t know what an employee may do with company information like photos, files, chat history, and contact details. But at the end of the day, the real problem is that the IS (information systems) department will have no way to monitor this information and find out what the employee chose to do with it until it’s too late.

Learn more about Security.

Deleting and restrictions - In Connecteam’s Chat, you can control, delete, and monitor group text to avoid awkward situations and inappropriate discussions that aren’t suitable for a work environment.

Learn more about Chat Settings.

Work-Life separation - With Whatsapp, there’s no separation between private group texts and work chats so there’s a higher chance of confusing messages and getting disgruntled by your workplace edging into your personal life. Connecteam allows and even encourages you to make that separation!

Communication is more than chat - Companies don’t just need a tool to chat with their employees, they need to boost engagement, share updates, connect with colleagues, enhance productivity, better collaboration, and so much more. Communication in the workplace is focused on exchanging information and ideas that are both verbal and non-verbal. And when you do it right, you have a strong company culture.

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Emergency management - Whatever emergency pops up, your company needs to be able to handle it right away. Examples of emergencies include sexual harassment, man-made disasters, workplace violence, cyber-security attacks, and more. If presented with an emergency, your employees need to know how to report it and who to report to. Connecteam allows you to create the right resources for your employees to know how to act, and it also allows managers to verify their message went through, and that their employees read and saw the update.

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