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Can I Add Time Off for Multiple Employees at Once?
Can I Add Time Off for Multiple Employees at Once?
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Need to add the same time off to multiple users? You can add time off in bulk for multiple users in one click!

Access the Time Off feature, under the main table choose the specific time off policy you need to add for your users. Then, multi-select all your users at once by clicking on the top check box clicking on the 'Actions' button, and then, clicking on "Add time off". Set the date and time of the time off, add a note if needed, and hit "Add time off" when you are done! Note that if users are assigned to more than one time clock you will be asked to select the time clock to add the time off to.

Once added, the time off will appear on the user's timesheet, like this:

**Adding time off in bulk is available from the Advanced HR plan**

For more information, visit the Starting Guide to Time Off article.

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