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Can I stop employees from seeing other people's phone numbers?
Can I stop employees from seeing other people's phone numbers?

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Connecteam's Directory gives you the option to create an internal contact directory, where users have the ability to connect with other users without the need to ask for their contact information.

The Directory Settings allow you to decide how your users will use the directory and what information they will have access to. To get to the Settings tab, enter the Directory, navigate to the Options button, and select Settings. From there you can decide which contact information will be visible from the mobile app, which contacts mobile users can or cannot view, and even select specific users who will not be visible from the app.

Remove the directory from the mobile app

To prevent employees from viewing the directory altogether, first go to the directory settings and then toggle off the 'Display Users in the mobile directory' option on the top.

Other than removing the mobile directory altogether, you have the option to limit the information available to users in the mobile directory. To do this access the directory settings and select 'Mobile users can not view' From there you have the option to choose either 'Unless they share the same' or 'Unless those users are'.

Unless they share the same:

If you choose this option and choose a field, this would allow all users with that field in common to see each other on the directory. An example would be to allow users to view only other users from their department.

Unless those users are:

To prevent users from viewing specific users in the directory first, go to the directory settings and select the option titled 'Mobile users can not view', then select 'Unless those users are' and select specific users you would like to hide from the directory. An example for this use would be if I don't want users to see the CEO and their information in the mobile directory.

Remove specific Information

You also have the option to keep all users in the directory and allow users to view all other users while removing the information you do not want them to see (mobile phone, email etc.). To set this go to the directory settings, scroll down and deselect the information you don't want to be shown.

💡 Tip: The information available in this list is based on the Custom Fields created in the user profile. To learn how to update user details take a look at this article.

** Directory visibility options are available from the Communications Advanced Hub **

To learn more about the directory take a look at this article.

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