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How Can I Set Requirements for Completing a Form Before Clocking Out?
How Can I Set Requirements for Completing a Form Before Clocking Out?
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Although it's not possible to directly attach a form to the specific job the employee is clocking into, you can utilize a shift attachment. By setting it as required, you can have the employees confirm whether they have completed the form or not.

Before learning how to do it, vote for this feature request if it's something you wish to be released in the future!

Now, let's implement our current solution with the following steps:

  1. Go into the Time Clock » and click on Access Clock

  2. Click on the Settings » select the Shift Attachments tab

  3. Click on "+ Add attachment"

  4. Fill out the details of the attachment:

    1. Choose a name

    2. For the Attachment type, choose the dropdown list. Once this is selected, a new row will appear for you to add options like "Confirmed" or "Unable to Confirm", for example.

  5. Remember to mark it as Required

  6. Once all the details are filled out as in the example above, click on Done, then on Save Changes.

How Does This Work for the Employee?

Once they clock into their shift, they'll see the Shift Attachment you've prepared for them. If they try to finish their shift without confirming it (or selecting one of the dropdown options you've provided), they won't be able to complete their shift, and the field will be highlighted in red.

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