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Job codes are unique codes assigned to each job within your company. This code can then be used to track and organize your employees' time and align it with your payroll software. This can help streamline your payroll processes and reports while avoiding unnecessary mistakes. In this article, we will go over how to set up job codes and how to include these in your Time Clock exports.

How to Set Up Job Codes

Job codes can be set up when creating a job. This can be done from the Jobs Tab, the Time Clock, or the Job Schedule.

If you would like to add a job code to an existing job, enter the Jobs Tab and select the relevant job. In the upper right add the job code and select Save Changes.

How to Add Job Codes to Sub Jobs

If you have sub jobs, then you can add codes for those as well. This can be the same code as the parent job, or a unique code of its own. To edit sub-job codes click on the settings icon next to the relvent sub job. By default, the code is the same as the parent job, however, if you want the sub-job to have a unique code, you can uncheck this box, and enter a code.

How to Include Jobs Codes In Exports

When it comes time to export your employee time sheets you can include job codes.

To do so, enter the timesheets, click on export, and select the report you wish to export. Note that job codes can not be exported in the Shift report PDF or Timesheets PDF

A pop-up will appear allowing you to customize the report. Here, make sure to check the box that says include job codes.

If you are using a custom export, you will need to edit the report and include the job codes and/or the sub-job codes option.

How Do Job Codes Look in My Exports?

After exporting you're timesheets the job codes will appear in the reports as a column of their own. If you have using the timesheets report the sub-job codes these will also appear as their column. Below you can see how this looks.

Payroll Totals Report

Timesheets Report

Note that job codes are also compatible with our Job Schedules Public API. To learn more about our public API check our developer hub.

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