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How to Make an Admin for Only One Asset

FAQs Admin Permissions

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Admin permissions allow you to customize the actions that your admins can take. They give you control over which admins can access specific information. Admins can be assigned to categories (features), assets (items within each feature), or smart groups (users).

If you are not familiar with our permissions we recommend you read this article before continuing

Now, let's take a look at how to admin permissions to one asset by following a few easy steps:

Step 1: Head over to your Users Tab and access the Admins board

Step 2: Search for the admin you would like to assign to the specific asset to

Step 3: Under the Permissions column select/deselect features and assets you would like to add/remove your admin's permissions for.

Below is a short example to get a better understanding of the process. Let's take Cam for example, he is currently an admin for several features and I would like him to be an admin of only one Time Clock under the Time Clock feature.

I can see that Cam currently has permissions for all Time Clocks under the Time Clock category. I would like Cam to have permission only for Time Clock 2.

You can see above the Time Clock feature under admin Permissions is greyed out and cannot be unselected. The reason this occurs is because the option "Automatically add all admins to this asset " is toggled on within the Time Clock feature.

To change this head to the specific feature from your sidebar, in this case, I will select the Time Clock feature.

  1. Access the admin permissions from the feature's admins located at the top of your screen

  2. Toggle off "Automatically add all admins to this asset" and manually add or remove admins from the list

  3. Head back to the Users tab

  4. Select the admins' board

  5. Under permissions assign the specific asset you would like to your admin.

Continuing my example, you can see I have toggled off the option "Automatically add all admins to this asset" under the Time Clock feature, go back to the Users Tab admins board, and assigned Cam permissions for the specific Time Clock, Time Clock 2. In addition, you can see that the Time Clock option under permissions is no longer greyed out and Cam no longer has admin permission for the Time Clock feature, but only the Time Clock 2 asset.

💡Tip: If an admin is assigned to at least one asset under a category, it'll automatically assign them to the category as well. Still, they will only be able to see content assigned to them.

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*Manager permissions are available from the Advanced plan in any hub*

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