Geofence is an advanced capability that allows you to create a geographic "fence" around a site or an address.

By setting a geofence, users will be able to clock in and out only in fenced areas.

How to set up geofencing?

Setting up a geofence is easy and can be set from the jobs list in your time clock settings menu (if synced with a schedule, then from the jobs list in the schedule as well). 

Here's how to set it up step-by-step:

  • Access the time clock
  • On the top right side of the screen, click on "settings"
  • Click on "Geo location" on the left side of the settings menu
  • Set "Geo location" to "Required"
  • On the same page, under "Sites for Geo-fence", click on the "Add Site" button
  • Name the site for your convenience (i.e. customer A, project B, worksite 3, offices, warehouse, etc.)
  • Type an address or a location name (integrated with Google Maps) and select from suggested results
  • Set the fence size for that site
  • Make sure the site is checked to enable geofence (will be enabled by default)
  • That's it! You're good to go!

How can I see all my fenced sites?

You may have plenty of fenced sites, so we created a map preview that will show all active fenced sites in one map. Cool, right?

You can find the "All active sites map preview" under the job location tab in the time clock's settings menu.

I already added address to my jobs. Can I simply fence my jobs instead of creating sites?

Yes, you can!

  • Under the jobs list in your time clock settings menu, click on the "edit" button of a job, set its location if needed, and click on the check box: "Create a Geo-fence for this job's location"
  • Then, click on "Save changes"
  • You're done!
  • You can now open the settings menu again and view the new job location under the "Geo location" tab. You will see the job's name under the sites list

Must jobs be set up in order to create a fenced work site?

Nope! We created a very flexible feature that allows you to fence jobs or general sites which can be used with all jobs. For example, you can fence a work site and still allow users to track time spent on different jobs or tasks.


How users clock in once Geo-fence is active?

Users don't need to make any adjustments on their app. They simply clock in as usual and pick a job from the list. If they're in a fenced area, they will be able to clock in.

How can users know they are within the worksite location?

Our time clock app displays a huge map which makes it easy for the user to see their location and the fenced area as well in one place. 

What happens when the user tries to clock-in outside of the fenced area?

When outside the fenced area, if trying to clock-in, the user will receive a message saying they should move to the work zone, with a retry button so there is no need to exit the time clock.

What happens when the user tries to clock-out outside of the fenced area?

When outside the fenced area, if trying to clock-out, the user will receive a message with two options:

  1. Move to the fenced area and try again
  2. Clock-out outside the fenced area - in that case, an admin will receive a request (same as absence request or a shift edit request) that must be approved from their dashboard or app. The request will state that the user clocked-out outside the work zone. Once approved, the shift will automatically be added to the employee's timesheets



I have some employees that should use Geo-fence or have location set as required, but also have other users that I don't need to track their location when working. What can I do?

In that case, simply create multiple time clocks with different setting options. Each time clock should be assigned to a different group of users.

One of my users tries to clock in/out and it says they're not in the fenced area, although it seems like they are. What should the user do to clock in or out?

The map displays the user's live location when trying to clock in and out. The user is marked with a blue dot. Around the dot there's a light-blue circle that can get bigger or smaller according to the user's GPS accuracy which may differ due to connectivity, location, device, etc.
The blue circle, shows that the user may be anywhere within that circle due to the GPS location accuracy at that moment.
In order to ensure location within the fenced area, the user should simply move further into the fenced area so the entire blue circle is in the fenced area. Then, the user will be able to clock in or out.


Geo-fence is available on the Advanced plan and above!

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