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Customizing Your Events Settings
Customizing Your Events Settings
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Connecteam's Events feature is an intuitive calendar-based tool for owners and admins to create, manage, and spread company events. Each event may have a different purpose, magnitude, and significance, so you need to ensure that your event settings are set up to reflect that.

This article will cover: 

How to Access the Event Settings

To access the event settings:

  1. Click on the Events feature from the left sidebar

  2. Access a specific event by clicking on it

  3. Then click on the Options button from the top right corner and click on Settings

  4. Customize the event settings to fit your needs and, once you are done, click on Save

Customizing your Event Settings

In the event settings, you have control over details such as the number of available spots, attendance statuses, registration deadlines, reminders for employees to RSVP, attendee notifications, and more. Let's explore each of these settings in detail below!

General Tab

In the General tab of the event settings, you can customize the registration settings, and the available attendance statuses.

Registration Settings

  • Amount of available spots for the event and choose between:

    • Unlimited spots

    • Limited number of spots

      • If this option is selected, you can then set the maximum amount of spots for the event and also the maximum amount of spots a single user can claim. This is particularly important if the event is open to employees's family members, but you wish to limit the amount of guests they can bring with them.

  • Users can register to this event up to X minutes/hours/days before it starts

Available Attendance Statuses

The first thing you can do is decide which responses will be available to the users at the event. You can have up to three statuses and a minimum of two, and all the statuses you create can be customized with a special text. If you wish to edit its text, simply hover over the status and click on the edit icon.

The second thing you can do in this section is decide whether or not the event attendees will be displayed. If you wish for them to be shown, simply check the option Display who is attending the event

Reminders Tab

In the Reminders tab of the event settings, you can customize the following user reminders by checking each of their boxes:

  • "Send a reminder to users that didn't register X minutes/hours/days before registration time ends"

  • "Send reminder to attending users x minutes/hours/days before it starts"

If you are more interested in learning about event reminders, take a look at this article.

Notifications Tab

Please note: the notifications tab under the event settings will only be available if you choose that the event has a limited number of spots. If the amount of spots is unlimited, the notifications tab will not be available.

In the Notifications tab of the event settings, you can customize the following user notifications by checking each of their boxes:

  • "Notify users when less than X spots remain"

  • "Notify users when new spots are available"

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