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How to Schedule and Manage Updates
How to Schedule and Manage Updates

Learn how to automate Update publishing

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As managers, efficiency and time-saving are incredibly important and it helps to have tools in hand to automate tasks. With the ability to schedule updates, you can create updates ahead of time and set a future publication and/or removal date and time. That way, once the update is created, consider the task done! Scheduling an update's publication is especially useful for creating posts for reminders for events, regular weekly updates and even having an important message appear first thing in the morning as employees enter the app to clock in or check their shifts. Scheduling the removal of an update is great if the update needs to be temporary, for example, to sign up for a volunteer day or share information about a limited-time sale. In this article, we'll go over how to schedule and manage updates on the dashboard and mobile app.

How to Schedule and Manage Updates on the Dashboard

When creating or editing an existing update, you'll reach the Publish settings screen. On this screen you have the option to 'Schedule Publish' and 'Schedule Removal'. Mark the options you need and choose the future date and time. Then, continue to publish the update.

Where can I view and edit all my scheduled updates?

To manage all your scheduled updates, navigate to the Updates feature, and click on the 'Scheduled' tab. All scheduled updates will appear here, and once they have been published, they will move to the 'Active' tab which is where you'll find all published updates.

To change any details of the update, including the scheduled date and time, navigate to the Scheduled tab and click on the update. This will open the option to edit the update, so make the relevant changes, and continue to publish it again.

How to Schedule and Manage Updates on the Mobile App

If you're on the go, you can also schedule updates on your phone!

To do so, navigate to the mobile admin tab, press 'New update', and choose 'Schedule publish'.

To schedule the update's removal, press 'More options' and toggle on 'Schedule removal from app'.

Where can I view and edit scheduled updates on the app?

Navigate to the mobile admin tab, and go to the Updates feature. In the Active tab, you'll find all published and scheduled You'll see that scheduled updates are marked with a 'Scheduled' notice.

To edit the scheduled time, press on the three dots and choose Edit. Follow through the steps again until you reach the option to change the schedule or removal options, as we previously showed.

Now you can sit back and relax, and let the app do your work!

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*Scheduling updates is available in the Operations Expert plan*

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