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Reward: Setting an Admin Budget
Reward: Setting an Admin Budget
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The Rewards feature was designed to serve as a tool for managers that want to incentivize and motivate their workers, the rewards feature is an amazing way to show recognition and appreciation.

We also understand, however, how careful you need to be when using a feature that involves spending company money. Besides setting your Admin Permission and granting only certain admins permission to buy and send tokens, we also give you the option to set an individual budget per admin. This gives you complete control of how much each admin can spend. By dividing the purchased tokens amongst your admins you ensure that one admin, no matter how responsible they may be, monopolizes the company's entire rewards budget.

Now let's dive further into this amazing capability.

In this article we will go over:

  • How to Activate the Admin Budgets

  • How to Set an Admin Budget Step By Step

  • How to Manage an Existing Budget

  • How to Turn off Budgets

How to Activate the Admin Budgets

To activate the Admin Budgets navigate to the rewards feature on the left sidebar and then to the Admin Budgets tab on the top. Click Activate Budgets.

How to Set an Admin Budget Step By Step

After activating the budgets you should automatically see a list of Admins whose admin permissions are set to send tokens. If you don't see anyone at all chances are have no admins whose permissions are set to send.

Pro tip: By default when you turn on the Admin Budgets capability and until you have set each admins specific budget, admins will have an unlimited budget.

Before continuing to set budgets lets go over a quick review of how to set these permissions:

Inside the rewards feature click on the admins in the top right and a list of admins and owners with asset permissions will appear to the right. Navigate to the relevant admin and use the drop-down note that if you would like a certain admin to be able to set budgets for other Admins you set their permission to be Manage Budgets as well.

Now back to setting the budgets!

Step 1: Click on Manage Budgets next to the admin whose budget you want to set

Step 2: Select Set the Budget

Step 3: Enter the number of tokens you would like to allocate to the admin and press Set Budgetֿ.

That's it. The budget is set!

How to Manage an Existing Budget

If you set a budget and would like to change or update it, that's not a problem! Simply navigate to the Admin Budget and select manage budget next to the relevant admin.

Here you will be able to see each specific Admins budget history, and can use the Allocate Budget button to add more tokens, set the budget as unlimited, or reset the budget to 0. Take a look at how this looks below.

How to Turn off Budgets

We understand that budgets aren’t relevant for everyone. If you want to turn off budgets that can be done. Simply enter the Admin Budget Tab and select the 3 dots icon next to the Admin Budgets. Here you can select “Turn off Admin Budgets”.

*Budgets are available from the Advanced HR Hub plan and above*

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