Creating a schedule for a retail store is simple. Follow this advices from the team to make the most out of the scheduler!

Before you create your schedule on the dashboard, it is highly recommended to sketch it once.

  1. Map the positions/jobs you need per day for your store to function. In our example we will use: cashier, shift manager, storage, sales person.

  2. Map the amount of employees you need in each position daily.

  3. Map the amount of shifts you have per day. In our example, we will use the Morning and Evening shift.

Your result will be similar to the following:

Although this draft might change or not be final, it's still important to have a model to work from.

Now that you have your draft, let's get down to business. 

1. First, add the schedule feature. You can find it at the bottom of your side bar. Click add new > Job scheduling.

2. Add the jobs that you need. Click jobs > add job. You can add a location, which employees can open on Google maps. You can also pre-assign the group of users that will take care of the job.
Assigning the job to employees means than whenever you create a shift, and attach a job to a shift, you'll be able to select an employee/employees/smart group within your previous selection.

3. Once you create all your jobs, the job tab will look similar to the one that follows:

Let's start creating shifts!
Position yourself on the shift without users row and click the plus icon to create a shift. 

Click save draft to save the shift without publishing it.

Once you've drafted one day, you can duplicate the shifts. Hover your mouse over the shift, and click the 3 dots icon.
Click on any shift to drag and drop it.

Note that shifts with colored contours and white filling are not published and thus, mobile users cannot see them.

Shifts filled with color are published and mobile users can see them in the app

Now that you have mapped your schedule, drag and drop the shifts to the desired users:

When ready, you can use the publish button to publish your shifts.

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