How Many Schedules and Time Clocks Can Be Synced?
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A Job scheduler can be synced only to a single Time Clock.

To sync your Job Schedule and Time Clock from the Job Scheduler, simply access the relevant schedule and click on 'Menu' (three dots icon), then click on 'Sync with shift time clock'. A module will open up asking you to choose the time clock/schedule you wish to sync with. You can choose an existing one, or open up a new one.

To do so from the Time Clock, access the relevant clock and click on 'More', then click on 'Sync with shift schedule' and follow the same process!

screenshot of how to sync the time clock and the job schedule from the time clock feature on Connecteam's Admin Dashboard

When the two are synced, you'll see an indicator next to the clock/schedule's name at the top. By clicking on it you will quickly access the synced feature!

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